Coding with Swift – Apple Teacher Guides

by | Dec 7, 2016 | Blog


Apple Teacher Guides to support coding with Swift are available on the iBook Store.

Learn to Code, Teacher Guide.

This Teacher Guide is designed to help you bring Swift Playgrounds into the classroom, no matter what your level of experience with coding is. It includes activities, reflection questions, journal prompts, and more to help you bring coding into any classroom.

App Development with Swift, Teacher Guide

This Teacher Guide, a companion to the App Development with Swift course, is designed for you to use with high school and college students new to programming. It will align to various national and international curriculum standards for computer science, and it includes lesson activities, reflection questions, and journal prompts.

App Development with Swift

This course is designed to help you build a solid foundation in programming fundamentals using Swift as the language. You’ll get practical experience with the tools, techniques, and concepts needed to build a basic iOS app from scratch. You’ll also learn user interface design principles, which are fundamental to programming and making great apps. Prior programming experience is not required for this course. If you have programming experience, you can move through the early lessons quickly as you continue to learn about software development tools, concepts, and best practices that go beyond programming fundamentals.

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