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Gripcase is the ultimate iPad case for maximum portability, handling, and protection.
With ergonomic handles, a lightweight, shock-absorbent foam body, and smart patent-pending design, Gripcase gives you the convenience, control and peace of mind you’ve been looking for. With an iPad, you’re keeping up with the latest technology. With Gripcase, now your technology can keep up with you!

Bend, Don’t Break!

Gripcase features a “crumple zone,” between the body and the bumper corner. This crumple zone absorbs the energy created during an impact and directs it away from your iPad, granting you another day of Angry Birds!

A helping handle!

Gripcase has a continuous bumper that doubles as supremely comfortable handles on all sides, giving you complete control and confidence when using your iPad. Gripcase’s supple, ergonomic grips complement the iPad’s sleek styling to put technology in the hands of everyone.

Fearlessness in foam

Perhaps the best feature of a Gripcase is not a feature at all. It’s the ease of mind it brings, knowing your tablet is protected. No more worrying about dropping or damaging your iPad. Gripcase allows you to use your iPad out in the world, in a variety of scenarios – school, work, sporting events, and more. With Gripcase, you can be fearless with your iPad. So, get your hands on the original.

Get a Gripcase. And get going!

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