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Watching writing evolve in Google Chromebook Classroom

The Chromebook/iPad combination has enabled us to work in different ways, mixing traditional ICT/office skills with the more contemporary approaches of the iPad. With Google drive and Google Apps installed on iOS devices, our creative content can be moved easily. Google apps have a single log in and log out on the iPad. For example, if we log into Google drive on a iOS device and then open Google Docs, the app will know who the student is and simply open. Like-wise, when we log out of one app, we log out of all of them.

Trilby TV

Schools have invested heavily in digital technology and are creating content on a daily basis, so it makes sense to have some of this content being aired in the foyer for visitors and parents.

Coding with Swift – Apple Teacher Guides

Apple Teacher Guides to support coding with Swift are available on the iBook Store. Learn to Code, Teacher Guide. This Teacher Guide is designed to help you bring Swift Playgrounds into the classroom, no matter what your level of experience with coding is. It includes...

Blox Party!

Bloxels is an exciting new game design app created by Pixel Press. This is the team that produced the popular app Floors. The earlier app enables students to design game levels complete with moving platforms, ladders, various hazards and, of course, enemies.


We love our iPads; they are our “go to” devices. Many of the activities we choose to do are quicker on the iPad than on a traditional computer. How we do them, however, can be quite different, for example, navigating can be a drawn out process. We all have slightly different ways of managing this.


Seesaw is free app and service. It works like a simple class blog. It enables children to post their “in progress” work and final outcomes for teacher and peer feedback. The set up process is easy and quick. The class can access the space using a unique QR code or though a Google Apps for Education email address.


The Advanced Teacher Institute (ATI) Conference 2016 is about pushing the boundaries of technology in education. It also delivers some of the best CPD available, providing a staggering amount of content and resources. You will also have the chance to meet like-minded educators, innovative developers and passionate trainers.

iPad Screen recording options 

Occasionally, there are times when we need to record the screen of the iPad. Traditionally, this has often been for creating tutorials, how to’s, etc. There are apps that students use that don’t export to the camera roll and this can be another reason for recording the screen.

Music Technology and the iPad

If there is one art form on the iPad that keeps on evolving and transforming possibilities, it has to be music technology.

Device Enrollment Programme Guide

The Device Enrollment Program is part of the Apple Deployment Programs that help businesses and education institutions easily deploy and manage iPad, iPhone, and Mac. This guide will give you an overview of program features, explain how to enroll, and help you get started.

Volume Purchase Program for Education

The Volume Purchase Programme (VPP) makes it simple to find, buy and distribute apps and books in bulk for your institution. Whether your school uses iPhone, iPad or Mac, you can provide great content to your students, teachers and staff with flexible and secure distribution options. And you can get special pricing for purchases of 20 apps or more through the VPP store.

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